With SevenVerbs, you can expect a finished project that successfully represents the narrative and identity of your business. Our focus on client input and feedback throughout the entire process helps our team of experts customize your web design or software project to set you apart from your competition.

Our guiding principles are simple:
Your vision.
Our expertise.
Your success.

Services We Offer

Software Development

Our software development team will work with you to understand your needs and create a solution to meet them. We have experience in both online and offline software application development.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design allows users to readily access websites easily and without hassle on their mobile device or tablet. As technological advances continue to reshape the communication arena, users are beginning to expect easy and quick navigation via a mobile medium.

Content Management

We are well versed in content management systems (CMS) like Joomla, Wordpress, Sitefinity and BigCommerce and will work with you to find the perfect CMS for your business. Count on us to also provide training to make sure you can make changes to your site easily and efficiently.

Social Media

SevenVerbs has a strong background in social media marketing and integration for increased business growth and branding. No matter what size company, we can maximize your online presence with new media integration!


Looking to increase online purchases with eCommerce website capabilities? SevenVerbs has had proven success with the integration of eCommerce projects and we can build your perfect online marketplace and help you increase sales.


Google Analytics are added to each of our website projects to provide clients with information useful to the growth and success of their business. Gathering data can help showcase website use, views and turnover.

Brand Identity

In today’s competitive world, businesses need a strong visual representation of their purpose and value to audiences. Trust in SevenVerbs to create a unique and tailored brand identity for your company or business. Let us help you get the competitive advantage!

Email Marketing

Your online presence can prove critical in communications with your audience. SevenVerbs can create a successful email campaign tailored to your audience with related articles, up-to-date news and industry related tips.

Recent Projects

Seven Flags Event Center  

Seven Flags

Seven Flags Events Center is the hub for touring musical talent looking to perform central Iowa. From Bow Wow to Think Floyd USA, the Seven Flags Events Center has hosted many types of talent at its venue. The events center management looked to SevenVerbs for a website re-design that focused on upcoming events, video and photo promotion, VIP package materials, and facility rental information. SevenVerbs created an exciting and unique website that enticed visitors to attend event center performances! The content management system (CMS) used for Seven Flags Event Center is Sitefinity.

Inflate & Go  

The Inflate & Go device is a portable and inflatable pit for both high jump and pole vault athletes. SevenVerbs worked with Inflate & Go to highlight their product through videos, testimonials, and custom imagery. Using the highly customizable content management system Drupal, the client can quickly edit anything in their site.

SALT Solutions  

SALT Solutions is a software solution for actuaries and businesses who have spreadsheets that create risk. Using WordPress, SevenVerbs designed a custom signup form that allows SALT to begin building a list serve for their clients. In addition, a unique drop down menu was designed for their single page site.

Switching Gears  

Switching Gears

SwitchingGears is a business devoted to advocating for environmental or grass roots projects by providing corporate finance advising and support. SevenVerbs was approached by SwitchingGears for a website re-design with a built in contribution component and focus on highlighting projects. The site is hosted in the content management system (CMS) Sitefinity.

Artistic Churchware  

Artistic Churchware

Artistic, a Christian e-commerce materials site, approached SevenVerbs with the need to develop a straightforward e-commerce system for consumers. The design of the Artistic website was primarily focused on promoting the materials and products sold. The content management system (CMS) utilized for Artstic was BigCommerce.

eMerge Genetics  

eMerge Genetics

eMerge Genetics, a company providing novel products with their non-GMO varieties of soybean and corn seeds, was looking for a website re-design. SevenVerbs stepped in and gave eMerge Genetics the makeover it was looking for with emphasis put on soybean and corn products, additional resources, and a dealer locator. The content management system (CMS) used for eMerge Genetics is Joomla.

Our Process

At SevenVerbs, we work to create, re-shape and re-imagine websites. We create contemporary websites that are current, responsive, and easy to navigate. User experience is extremely important to us, which is why we strive to formulate the best design for each individual project.

Our process is three fold:

Free Person-to-Person Web Consultation

We value the interpersonal interactions with our clientele and that’s why we, at SevenVerbs, offer a sit down conversation to assess areas of need and improvement of your current website. In doing so, we are able to gauge your website frustrations and needs.

Transparency and Continual Feedback

At SevenVerbs, we believe in putting our clientele first which means open, transparent communication. Furthermore, we value the opinion of our clients and take into consideration their perspective and requests throughout the duration of the project. We pride ourselves on continual feedback which means you’ll be aware of progress every step of the way. Your vision. Our expertise. Your success.

Post-Launch Follow-up

Once your site has been launched and is live for the world to see, we follow-up with you to ensure site success. At SevenVerbs, we strive to have our websites operating at 100% at all times, even after the completion of the project. Our follow-up allows us to see how your website is performing. We believe the relationship doesn’t end after the completion of the project.

About Our Team

The SevenVerbs team was assembled with the following core values in mind: consistency, reliability, an emphasis on positive client report and the value in creating projects that mean something to us. We will work exhaustively to produce a successful outcome for your project because we understand that your success -- is our success. We also believe in providing useful information and tips to our clients on latest tech trends, website maintenance and the inside scoop on the world of design and implementation. Learn how our team can help you stand out from the competition – contact us today!

Bob Sorensen - President and CEO
Robert Sorensen
President and CEO
Clair Williams
Clair Williams
Web Business Development and Project Manager
Dani Edler
Dani Edler
Digital Design Director
Alan Anderson
Alan Anderson
Software Architect
Zach Lukasiewicz
Zach Lukasiewicz
Social Media Consultant
Tim Crane
Tim Crane
Software Developer
Jon Goode
Jon Goode
Database Developer

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