Are you looking for a way to turn your great idea into software? Do you have a business challenge which can only be solved by custom software?

Solving tough problems and helping you realize your vision for your business is what we do best. SevenVerbs specializes in developing custom applications using a simple 3 step process

Our guiding principles are simple:
Your vision.
Our expertise.
Your success.

Our Process

At SevenVerbs, we work with you to create, re-shape and re-imagine software. Your project will be created using agile techniques, providing a current, responsive, and easy to use custom software application. User experience is extremely important to us, which is why we strive to formulate the best design for each individual project.

Our process is three fold:


Launching a new venture or solving a business challenge requires a deep understanding of your vision or the challenge you face. At SevenVerbs, we put you first which means open, transparent communication. Together we will:

  • Define the project business needs/requirements
  • Easy to use
  • Simplify - Eliminate over-engineering
  • Scope


Having a great a idea or solving a problem are only half the battle. With more than 70% of IT projects failing to complete on time and within budget, SevenVerbs will make sure you are protected against scope creep and incomplete projects. We provide continual feedback which means you’ll be aware of progress every step of the way.

  • Architect
  • Design
  • Manage Project
  • Source Code Control
  • Drive to done


Once your software has been launched and is live for the world to see, we follow-up with you to ensure success. Our follow-up allows us to see how your software is performing, and eliminate bugs or user challenges. We believe the relationship doesn’t end after the completion of the project.

Recent Projects



Nations is a nonprofit organization focused on empowering Native American communities in sustainability related projects. The Nations page is a vertical-scroll landing page that includes features like project information, social media share, contact, and newsletter signup!

Seven Flags Fitness  

Seven Flags

Located in Clive, Iowa - Seven Flags Fitness is a premier workout facility which gained new management in 2013. SevenVerbs designed a unique website for Seven Flags – highlighting the various programs, amenities, and upcoming events to keep visitors informed, and members excited about fitness. The Seven Flags Fitness site is hosted in the content management system (CMS) Sitefinity.

Switching Gears  

Switching Gears

SwitchingGears is a business devoted to advocating for environmental or grass roots projects by providing corporate finance advising and support. SevenVerbs was approached by SwitchingGears for a website re-design with a built in contribution component and focus on highlighting projects. The site is hosted in the content management system (CMS) Sitefinity.

Artistic Churchware  

Artistic Churchware

Artistic, a Christian e-commerce materials site, approached SevenVerbs with the need to develop a straightforward e-commerce system for consumers. The design of the Artistic website was primarily focused on promoting the materials and products sold. The content management system (CMS) utilized for Artstic was BigCommerce.

eMerge Genetics  

eMerge Genetics

eMerge Genetics, a company providing novel products with their non-GMO varieties of soybean and corn seeds, was looking for a website re-design. SevenVerbs stepped in and gave eMerge Genetics the makeover it was looking for with emphasis put on soybean and corn products, additional resources, and a dealer locator. The content management system (CMS) used for eMerge Genetics is Joomla.

Seven Flags Event Center  

Seven Flags

Seven Flags Events Center is the hub for touring musical talent looking to perform central Iowa. From Bow Wow to Think Floyd USA, the Seven Flags Events Center has hosted many types of talent at its venue. The events center management looked to SevenVerbs for a website re-design that focused on upcoming events, video and photo promotion, VIP package materials, and facility rental information. SevenVerbs created an exciting and unique website that enticed visitors to attend event center performances! The content management system (CMS) used for Seven Flags Event Center is Sitefinity.

About Our Team

The SevenVerbs team was assembled with the following core values in mind: consistency, reliability, an emphasis on positive client report and the value in creating projects that mean something to us. We will work exhaustively to produce a successful outcome for your project because we understand that your success -- is our success. We also believe in providing useful information and tips to our clients on latest tech trends, website maintenance and the inside scoop on the world of design and implementation. Learn how our team can help you stand out from the competition – contact us today!

Bob Sorensen - President and CEO
Robert Sorensen
President and CEO
Alan Anderson
Alan Anderson
Senior Software Architect
Dani Edler
Dani Edler
Digital Design Director
Robert Appel
Robert Appel
Project Manager
Jon Goode
Jon Goode
Database Developer
Tim Crane
Tim Crane
Software Developer

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